Which Type of Fence are you looking for?

Electric Fence and Non-Electric Fence

Lower costs for permanent fences.

Electric Fence for Deer and Wildlife Control

Protects gardens, orchards, and many other crops from wildlife damage.

Portable Electric Fence Netting

Controls sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, dogs, and wildlife. Install is relatively easy.

Portable Electric Fence Systems

Installs easily for portable and temporary livestock control, especially for cattle and horses

→→Worried about electric fence?

Electric fence produces a startling but harmless shock if it is installed and maintained correctly. However, animals need to be trained to respect it before they are left unattended. Also, very young children, the very elderly, and unhealthy persons should be kept away from electric fence and their attachments at all times.

High Tensile Woven Wire Fence

Controls domestic and wild deer, game, and exotic animals

Board Fence

Permanent Fencing to control all classes of domestic livestock, horses and wildlife

Semi-Permanent Rope and Horse Tape Fencing

Faster to build and lower cost than vinyl or wood

High Tensile Smooth Wire Fence

Controls all classes of domestic livestock, wildlife, and most predators.